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Fantasy Flowers is a full-service florist located in Vermilion, AB. We strive to help our customers connect with the important people in their life. 



We stick to what we know, keeping the spotlight on fresh flowers and plants. Only stocking a few giftware items. Our arrangements are fresh and custom made.


Keeping it Fresh

  • We prefer purchasing long-lasting flower varieties.

  • We receive a minimum of two flower shipments per week; ensuring our cooler is stocked with fresh products.

  • We love Canadian grown product! Most of the time 75% of the product we have is Canadian grown.

  • Imported flowers come from all around the world; countries including Ecuador, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Hawaii, and South Africa.



We support many local organizations throughout our town; and never passed up the opportunity to donate or volunteer.


Head Florist

190922_Fantasy Flowers_247.jpg

I'm passionate about what I design, truly everything is made with love. The truth is, if I don't "love it" it doesnt go out the door.  


Leslie has 20+ years of experience. Her career as a florist began in high school, working at the local flower shop after school. She later purchased that same flower shop, and in 1999 Fantasy Flowers was established.

Evolution is Key – “Even with my experience the flower industry is changing! Floral design trends are constantly evolving. My style is a modern design with a traditional flair. I like to use the fresh, long-lasting product, in a more modern way.”

Staying Educated – “I attend as many floral educational seminars as possible each year. I am a proud member of the Society of American florists and have traveled to attend conferences and workshops in Maui and Chicago.”

Meet The Team

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Flower Shop Staff

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Flower Shop Staff

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Delivery Driver / Handyman 

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Media Assistant



Flower Shop Staff - Casual

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